Susceptibility and hazard assessment in the Ionian Islands for highlighting sites of significant earthquake-related hazards. SafeCorfu 2019 – 6th International Conference on Civil Protection & New Technologies, 6-9 November 2019, Ionian Academy, Corfu, Greece.

The identification of the earthquake environmental effects by using various methods has become significant in recent years due to the fact that among others it serves as a valuable tool for revealing and highlighting sites of significant earthquake-related hazards. In the frame of the project entitled "Tilemachos - Innovative Operational Seismic Risk Management System of the Ionian Islands" included in the Priority Axis "Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development" of the Operational Programme “Ionian Islands 2014-2020”, the landslide, liquefaction and tsunami hazards in the Ionian Islands are analyzed and assessed by combining different methods. Landslide, liquefaction and tsunami inventories for all Ionian Islands were initially created. Along with the inventories, different thematic maps were used and combined in order to test the earthquake-induced landslide and liquefaction susceptibility and the tsunami hazard of the Ionian Islands. The main result is the identification of sites of significant earthquake-related hazards in the Ionian Islands. This study and its results could constitute a basic guide for the future urban design and planning and the sustainable local development since all scientists and agencies competent to the prevention and management of natural disasters can be informed and guided.